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Suction Blast Machines
The suction blast machine is designed for abrasive blast cleaning of small parts or components. The system is suitable for surface stripping process, derusting, deburring, etching, aesthetic process mould cleaning etc.. Using all kind of abrasives such as glass beads, aluminium oxide, silicon carbide etc..
Pressure Blast Machinesarticle
High-performance blast cleaning system removes corrosion, mill scale and coating from most surface. Produces a uniform surface texture and creates a surface profile to increase bonding for coatings.
Vibratory Machine

From simple solutions to the most advances applications, we will provide the best solution for your surface preparation requirement

Dust Collector Systemsarticle

Kepler Dust Collector units are designed primarily for the capture and control of dust, smoke and other airborne contaminants emanating from a wide range of production related applications.

Abrasive & Blasting Mediaarticle
All kind of abrasives
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